Honors and Awards

                       ABC7 Top Scholar, 2013

                           Westly Prize, 2012

                               World of Children Award  -
                                           Prize for Child Advocacy
- Global Winner (2011)

Youth Assembly at the United Nations,
             Recognition For Excellence (2011)

              International Children’s Peace Prize -  Finalist
(KidsRights Foundation in cooperation with
                   The Nobel Laureate Foundation
) (2010)
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                       California State Senate
                       Certificate of Recognition


                                      Huggable Hero
                                 Build-a-Bear Corporation  (2010)

                              Prudential Spirit of the Community Award
California Distinguished Finalist (High School) 2011
                                - California Distinguished Finalist (High School) 2010

               Keynote Speaker, International Literacy
                             and Learning Conference
(Botswana, Africa) (2008)

                                          Compassion in Action Award
(African Library Project) (2008)


Literacy Work

Stunned to learn that as many as 3 out of 4 children in some African nations never learn to read,  Tati has:

-  influenced African government literacy policy, 

-  helped establish libraries serving 121 schools and villages  (27,000 books ~ 30 libraries ~ 33,000 people ~ 6 African nations and counting), working with the African Library Project and generous donors who enthusiastically support her efforts,

-  become a role model for thousands of African children who want to read, 

  1. - spoken with thousands of children and adults in the United States and Africa, including dignitaries, educators and students from five nations at the Botswana Ministry of Education’s first-ever International Literacy and Learning Conference, and

  2. -  discovered a low-cost way to bring digital textbooks into under-funded classrooms overseas, freeing teachers from relying only on their memories to teach.

To speed up the work that needs to be done, Tatiana started Spread the Words to inspire other children to help.


“African children can now learn to love books like Tati.” – Sebako Primary School student, Kanye, Botswana.

“I wish Tatiana was here so we could tell her our stories because she brought these books to us.” -- Primary School Student, Botswana.

“Tatiana is kind beyond her years, with passion, vision, integrity, intelligence and respect.  Before Tatiana arrived in Botswana, we were a developing country.  Because of the motivation for reading Tatiana instilled in so many Botswana children when she visited, our government committed to building new libraries in primary schools.  Books have changed my country tremendously.”   -- Olga Tsimanyane, Principal Education Officer, Botswana Ministry of Education, Southern District.

“Tati has given tens of thousands of African children gifts that will last a lifetime – education, hope, and inspiration, both from her books and from knowing Tati, a child their own age committed to promoting literacy.” -  Chris Bradshaw, founder and President of the African Library Project


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